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EcoGypsum is the recycling and soil amendment wing of Sunshine Groupe – a family owned business that’s been operating in materials processing for more than 40 years. The versatility of gypsum as a product, and the various branches of the business, means our clients mostly straddle the building/manufacturing and agriculture/horticulture worlds but come from many walks of life. From civil works, waste management and recycling professionals to builders, manufacturers and landscape specialists, for us it’s about an innovative service approach that we’ll tailor to your needs.

The applications of gypsum extend far beyond plasterboard and clay breaking. It’s used in Portland cement, animal bedding, compost, poultry litter, settling turbid water and mopping up grease spills. It’s also useful for sports grounds and golf courses, and as a bulking and drying agent. We keep an open mind so we’re able to cater to needs as diverse as the clients we meet.

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