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At EcoGypsum, our recycling process yields gypsum so pure that around 25% of what we produce is directly reconstituted into plasterboard. But most of the gypsum we recycle is used in agriculture and horticulture as a clean, green soil conditioner. Even the paper that’s captured through our recycling process ends up as compost – 100% of the plasterboard waste we recover is diverted from landfill and put to use.

Gypsum is a veritable wonder product for damaged soils. Known as a clay breaker, it’s a fast-acting, pH-neutral calcium and sulphur fertiliser that dramatically improves the textural, drainage and aeration properties of heavy clay. And given calcium fertilisers aren’t usually known for their activation rates or pH neutrality, these qualities set gypsum even further apart from the pack.

Other agricultural/horticultural uses for gypsum are in the remediation of soil that’s been compacted by stock and machinery, and the recovery of sub-soils exposed by earth movement. It’s also great for repairing soils affected by salinity – estuarial berms, dairy effluent and recycled water. A high-quality agricultural product that’s 100% recycled and helps repair damaged earth – you just don’t get much greener than that.

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